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Sarah Crispin

My daughter has been attending classes at School of Frock since 2010. It has been the highlight of her week. Through this wonderful after school activity I've seen her blossom and grow in confidence. The list of her creations is endless from skirts, tops, dresses and even a much loved baby blanket as a gift for her cousin. I can't recommend School of Frock highly enough.

Venetia Kent

My daughter Tamsin really does love her School of Frock sewing classes and is always very pleased to show off what she’s made. She wears the skirts she made there as often as she can. The most recent one matches a red pair of shoes of mine which I don’t wear but she now fits, so everyone’s happy!

Bartola Jean-Charles

School of Frock has had a tremendously positive impact on the life of both my daughters Lucille and Saskia. They never missed a lesson except when they had exams. It has obviously taught them good sewing skills and what makes a good quality garment . But it has also given them an interest outside school and home. Both girls have taken their GCSE in textiles and Lucille has taken Textiles for A level Both girls are able to alter, to transform and to make clothes. Lucille is also able to teach younger children and has had a job teaching sewing to help one of her sewing teachers. She is looking to make her living in fashion and is able to design clothes. Whatever path both my girls take in life they have acquired an invaluable skill, and school of Frock made it happen.